ECE 562: Advanced Digital Communications (Fall 2020)

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Week 1 Introduction, Probability and Random Processes Review
Week 2 WSS processes, Gaussian Processes, WGN Model
Week 3 Complex Baseband Representation, Signal Spaces
Week 4 L2 functions, Gram–Schmidt process, Digital Modulation, Common Constellations
Week 5 Multidimensional signals, Complex Random Variables and Vectors
Week 6 Optimum Reception for the AWGN Channel
Week 7 ML and MAP Detection, Performance of Optimum Detector for Linear Memoryless Modulation
Week 8 Union Bound and Nearest Neighbor Approximation, Intelligent Union Bound (Explanation), Coherent Detection
Week 9 Noncoherent Detection of Orthogonally Modulated Signals, Differential PSK
Week 10 Shannon Capacity Theorem, Signaling on Bandlimited Channels
Week 11 Equalization, Viterbi algorithm
Week 12 Linear Equalizers
Week 13 Signaling through Slow Flat Fading Channels, Diversity Techniques, Introduction to CDMA


Problem Set Due Date File Solution
HW1 Sep 18 HW1 Solution
HW2 Oct 14 HW2 Solution
HW3 Nov 4 HW3 Solution
HW4 Dec 4 HW4